Im pleased to announce that my big 6 month Asian journey has began!!! I am planning on starting a diary with regular entries on my adventures. I hope it could be helpful to lots of people – for those, who were afraid to do it solo, for those, who wonder what it costs, for those, who need inspiration, or are simply looking for information about their next holiday. I am planning on giving copious details along the way.

What does it cost? I will try to do it as cheaply as possible, as six month is a long time, I can easily end up spending a fortune, if I’m not careful. I’m traveling solo, it means I have no one to share accommodation prices with me. At the same time, I want to have a full experience, without infringing on the quality of my travel. Not just getting by and co-existing in this world. Also I don’t think I can do hostels all the way, as we all need our me-time, and I’d rather socialise in public areas, than In my own room. I will still do them, when necessary and there is no other cheap options available. I set my personal hotel budget at a maximum of £10 a day. I will try to do cheaper than that, whenever possible. On the other hand I’m prepared to sleep in a tent, which I carry in my back pack, if the times get hard.

So far I have already purchased a few flights. I was staying back home in Belarus with my family for some time, therefore it didn’t make any sense for me to fly back to London to catch a flight. I decided to fly from Moscow, as the flights from there where significantly cheaper, than from Minsk. I didn’t have a set plan, where I wanted to fly to, that’s why I had a freedom to browse and find the cheapest flight I could to Asia. It happened to be Hong Kong with Aeroflot Russian airlines at £385 for a round trip. Very reasonable, comparing to over £500 I always paid from London. Also I wanted to refresh my memory and spend another whole day in Moscow. Last time I visited was long 8 years ago with my uni conference delegation. I have to admit I was a bit wary about flying with Russian airlines, I was stereotypically afraid that the plain was assembled by a drunk engineer, that it was old and rusty, that the pilot was hangover and we would crash half way somewhere in Siberia. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised and brought back to my senses. The plain was new and huge, the air attendants smily and ready to help, like nothing was the bother. Moreover, it was the softest taking off and landing I experienced in my life, and I fly a lot. Believe me, when I’m saying, that I virtually didn’t notice how we took off, I just realised we were airborne. Same with the landing- practically no impact, as if we dropped on soft, feather pillows. It all demonstrated, that the captain was very experienced.

My other expense was travel insurance. I found the cheapest one with Money supermarket, which seemed to cover everything and also had good reviews from fellow travellers. It was Alpha travel. It covered the whole world except the US and Caribbean, offered good protection and you could choose different price, depending on the excess you are willing to pay, if something happens. I payed £90, as I chose my excess to be at £60.
Other expenses depend solely on your needs. I bought a military back pack for £50 from my best friend TK maxxx. I saw loads of travel back packs at around £20 on eBay. I got my tent/standing mosquito net for £19 from eBay, again. Also you will need medicines, jabs, clothes, toiletries – you know, how it goes.
To make it easy I will make an expense total for each country I visit.
That seems to be all, if there are any questions you want to ask – don’t be shy.
Ciao, and speak to you soon!!! Xxx