On our last day on Mallorca we woke up at 8. We wanted to sleep more, of course, as we are not early birds by nature, but on Sundays the bus timetable was totally different, than on any other day.

Our flight was scheduled at 3, loads of time you would think, but getting to the opposite side of the island, even a small one, like Mallorca, was a mission on a Sunday. Normally busses from Alcudia to Palma run every hour, but on Sundays they run much less frequently. For e.g. they had a three hour gap between  10am and 1 pm. 10 was too early for us, and 1pm would be pushing it. 12 would be perfect. But as we had no choice, 10 am it was. To be fair it was our fault, as we didn’t make research before hand. It was possible to arrange €7 pp transfer straight to the airport 24 hours in advance – very cheap and very convenient. You can do it online or ask at the reception of the hotel, where you are staying.

There is no straight bus to the airport from Alcudia. You need to catch one to Palma to Estacio Intermodal (last stop), get upstairs to the street level, cross the road – there you would see a regular city bus stop, where you can get no 1 bus to the airport. They come every 20 min or so.

The distance between Mallorca and Ibiza was only 139 km – 3 hours by ferry, or 40 min by plane. So one episode of Game of Thrones later we landed on Ibiza. We were staying in San Antonio, as all budget hotels seemed to be in that particular town.  There is a €4 bus to the town that runs every hour. San Antonio was a relatively small place, so finding our hotel with the help of google maps was easy peasy. We were staying in a sweet, traditional, family run little place – hostal Valencia. It was very cosy, very green, with a little pool in the garden. A find in this town, as the rest of  accommodation on offer seemed to be huge, faceless apart hotels, with drunk teenagers swinging from balconies. In september they charged € 41, in high season, probably more.





I have to say that it was a bit of hit and miss with the weather. On the day we arrived it was scorchingly hot and dusty. Same colourless, bare views, like on Mallorca. Not particularly pretty. We didn’t do much on the day, as it was after 6. Just went around to have a look at what we were dealing with.

I would have never believed, if someone told me, that it could pour down with rain like that in such a seemingly dry, hot place. Because of that we lost two days out of four.

On our second day I was woken up by the sound of thunder outside. It was raining. It wasn’t just a drizzle, when you shrug your shoulders and go on your business anyway. It was heavy torrential rain, that formed huge puddles straight away. In addition temperatures dropped, so instead of donning a swimming suit and having no care in the world, we had to cover up and stay away from water. The rain really pissed on our plans, as we were planning to go around all beaches by car or a bike. There were so many teasing postcards with gorgeous, crystal clear water line, but we didn’t notice anyone swimming in socks and cardigans, so we didn’t either.

In order to save the day we decided to go clubbing. It was the end of September, so there were a lot of closing parties going on. Anyone could choose something for their taste and budget, be it an expensive club with world famous DJs or a little bar/club with free entry and two drinks for €5. We decided to do it properly – big club, big names. It is better to buy entry tickets before hand, as it is alway possible to buy them cheaper then by the door. There are a lot of promoters and ticket offices on the streets. They often have boards with prices written on them, and different ticket office has a different price. It is worth going around and check the prices out. We decided to go to Amnesia, as we liked the program on the day. It was Cacoon, with fAmous German DJs. This club has been voted the best one in the world a few times. The official entry price was €55/75. But it was possible to buy a ticket for €45 through promoters.


You can get to the club in different ways. Some promoters offer free bus ride with the ticket, also there is a disco bus, that runs between most popular clubs every hour, from San Antonio to Ibiza City. It costs €2 one way. Famous clubs like Amnesia and Privilege are situated between San Antonio and Ibiza City. Pacha is in Ibiza. And then there is a taxi, of course. We decided on a taxi, as going in a bus full of drunk, sweaty youngsters in our good clothes wasn’t tempting enough. The ride from the centre of San Antonio to Amnesia cost us €19. We got there just after midnight and the club wasn’t opened yet, everyone was lining up and waiting. 15 min later we got inside. There were hardly any people, loads of space to dance. It started to fill up at around 2. The go-go dancers came out at around 2.30.


In my opinion a pre-party drinking is recommended as the prices inside are insane, which is to be expected from such an establishment. The bill for one 330ml bottle of beer and a vodka and orange came up to €34. A tiny 330ml bottle of water costs €9, so stay hydrated.

Regarding the club itself – it had two rooms, with different DJs playing simultaneously, even though there were no doors between them, the music didn’t interfere with each other. The sound, the lights, the cooling smoke – everything was first class. There wasn’t any dress code. I was worried they won’t let me in my flat sandals, but everyone else was dressed more than casual in shorts, trainers, t-shirts. Something comfortable for dancing, and not tripping over after a few drinks.Time flew by, and at 4 we decided to leave, as the club became uncomfortably full up. The only way to dance was moving your hands in the air. Probably all these people came after visiting other clubs.

On the way back we saw 2 Italian girls waiting for a taxi. We cooperated and shared a taxi home, paying €10 that time.

The next day we woke up to the bright sunshine, as if yesterday’s rain was just a bad dream. We dedicated the whole day to visiting Ibiza city, or Eivissa as locals call it. Even though it was at the opposite side of the island, it took us only 30 min by bus to get there. We didn’t have a fixed plan, just wanted to wander around and have a look. I don’t have much recollection of the main part of the town, it seemed to look like any other modern resort. It was the old Arab quarter, that stole the show. We noticed a tall medieval wall as soon as we arrived. We went up, towards it and entered a beautiful historical part of the town. Some buildings were in a critical state from age, but loads of locals still leaved there and it was interesting to observe kids playing with puppies on twisted narrow streets.



You notice straight away, that the area was very tourists oriented as there were loads of souvenirs shops and restaurants. In a place like that you realise, that you pay for a location rather than a product itself. For instance a jug of sangria cost there €24 in a very average looking street caffee as opposed to the one we had for €3.50 on Mallorca.

We came back to San Antonio just in time to see the sunset by the famous Cafe del Mar frequented by such starts as Leo di Caprio and Madonna. We didn’t go to the cafe itself, as they require you to spend €100 on drinks alone, if you want to book a table. The thing about this cafe is that a dj plays the music that best describes the weather of the day. While walking there we realised that a few other cafés picked up the idea and did exactly the same DJ thing. What a lot of people do is buying their own drinks and snacks from a supermarket and just sitting right on the beach in front of the cafe listening to the music and enjoying the sunset like everyone else.


The next morning we woke up again to a stormy dark sky and rediculously strong rain. It was our last full day on the island and we were not impressed. Surprisingly enough it all cleared up in an hour, the sun was shining again in the blue sky. We hadn’t seen the island yet, so the plan was to hire a quadbike and cover the whole island in one go. We popped into the first hire place we saw and rented a quad for €55 a day. The guy we asked on the street hired his quadbike for €65, but someone told us there was another shop a little out of the centre, where the prices were much cheaper than in the place that we used. We were given a map of the beaches by our hotel, so we just circled the best ones. The first one was at the very end of the island and seemed like a long distance away. We didn’t need to worry, as even with our clumsy and relatively slow quad we covered it in 40 min. The beach we chose was called Cala D’en Serra. I have to admit, it was one good looking beach, quite small and private, as the only way to get there was by car or motorbike. It was a bit out of the way.


image image

The plan was to do a beach crawl – having a dip at as many beaches as possible. But as soon as I took my clothes off, the sky became dark and it became cold again. Seriously?!!! We needed to leave as soon as possible and find shelter, as the beach was quite wild and the was no infrastructure. As soon as we started riding the rain started. The drops were so huge, that it hurt, when they hit the body. Not to mention, that it was rediculously cold, and we were wearing only tiny shorts and tops. And there  was absolutely nothing around, where we could hide. I felt, like we were trapped in a gigantic, never-ending ice bucket challenge. A couple of miles later we saw a car park, which had no walls, but only a roof over it. We hid underneath it, and pressed against each other to retain some heat. We were lucky, as some time later a minivan parked next to us. It was a local guy, living nearby. He disappeared in his house and came back with a bottle of wine and a towel. He poured us a glass and offered to wrap into the towel. He spoke not a word of English, but with his gestures he showed us to leave the things in his van when we were done. He left its doors unlocked for us. Then he left. What a sweet, kind gesture! God bless him.

When the rain finished, we just rode home, as the sun never appeared again and it was still cold.

We had our flight at 6pm the next day. The day was very hot and sunny again. We checked out, left our luggage at the hotel and went to the beach. Even though  San Antonio beach was very long, only small part was suitable for swimming. A very long stretch of it had a very slimy entrance, with some green stuff floating on the water. It smelled accordingly, even though a lot of people didn’t mind sunbathing there. The beach next to the water bouncy house was amazing – very clean, slightly rocky, with clear and warm water. We spend some time in this bouncy house. I think it was €10 per hour. It seemed so easy to overcome all the challenges, but I’m ashamed to admit, that I managed about 55% of them. Instead, my boyfriend had to drag me to the top, every time my weak arms couldn’t pull my body. I had pain in my arms for the next three days, after this excercise.


I understand, that Ibiza is a perfect chill out destination. It is all about having fun. There are some places, where you can combine cultural and pleasure parts. Well, Ibiza is not one of them. It is not a gourmet destination either. Unless you know, where to look. We didn’t. We had only one good Spanish meal there, in a traditional rustic tapas place. Other than that, it was all about pizza, pasta, steaks, kebabs, KFC, mac Donald’s, Chinese. Loads of cheap, crappy, easy to make food. No one comes there to eat, I suppose, only to drink, and the drinks were plenty. Also the island doesn’t offer much natural beauty, it’s very dry and dusty. I bet, the best way to discover it is from a boat. It would be breathtaking, as the beaches are very beautiful. During the night the island has an amazing atmosphere. There are whole streets, participating in partying. Do you have some silly piece of clothing, you thought you will never wear? Put it on, no one will judge you! You thought, your body shape wasn’t good enough for wearing skimpy, revealing clothes? Not to worry, after a few drinks your inhibitions will go away. They alway do. Have a cocktail, and dance the night away!!!