Chumphon and Koh Tao.


Trains in Thailand are late. No, the are terribly late. I heard about it, but I was thinking:”Ok, I shall just sit for half an hour with a book in a shade. Wats the great deal?!” How about 3 hours late? Trains leave on time from their starting point, but as the journey progresses, they accumulate lateness. It is so habitual, that many stations have a white board, where they update estimated arrival time with a pen. One local lady told me, that she always called the station first, instead of showing up unnecessarily. I learned it the hard way, when all my plans got messed up.

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Amphawa, Cha-am, Pruchuap Khiri Khan.

Just like many things in life, my cycling wasn’t terribly exiting every single day. There were days, when it was breathtakingly beautiful, other days it was merely pleasant, and a time or two it was just a way of getting from point A to point B with no much anything interesting in between. So far I consider the trip from Ratchaburi to Amphawa to be the jewel in my cycling crown.

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